Chia Pudding Recipe

In my NEW e-book I share my delicious chia pudding! Super quick and easy especially when you have this beautiful tribe to feed...

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So remember, I am here to bring you the tools that help me and YOU keep fit and healthy so we can ALL keep on track. After my morning vibration alert on my wrist to go bike riding, it also gave me a moment to just sit here for a minute and just BE.

A mind that is stretched by a new experience, can never go back to it's old dimensions.

Now I am enjoying my morning snack typing this before I head out with all the kids (we have 8 kids playing out front as I type this) so best I head off in that sunshine and play. What's on your plate?

Vanilla chia pudding with berries

Have a sensational day and thank you to everyone who has bought my ebook.


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