Birthday boy!!!! Noah turns 7....

Hiiiiii everyone!!!! How are you?????? All fabulous here but I'll try and keep this short and sweet as it has been a looooong day!!!

It was Noah's 7th birthday today and I got all creative and did an ice-cream cake (no, it's not sugar free. It's got all the stuff only a 7 year old would dream about and the rest of us.....)

Skylanders was the theme at his Laser Force birthday bash.

The portal cake.....

This game is played on the Wii and characters sit on a portal that change colours (hence my colourful cake!)

More party pics!

Ignito is Noah's most favourite character, the main man taking centre stage with the candles 

They had a super fun time with the laser guns.....

Oh yeah, how can we not remember moi? On my way to the party!!! Pretty excited I am :-)

Noah's invitation.

The home made ice cream cake vs bake

This is how it all happened (mind you my hairdresser gave me the idea as she did one for her little girl). I thought what 2 simple ingredients (I doubled my batch) and you can add whatever flavours in the ice-cream cake!

I will share with you my clean versions of ice cream cakes on another post. This was my first official home made "with sugar" ice cream cake!!!

2 cans of condensed milk (375g) and 4 tubs of thickened cream (300g) 

Chocolate ripple biscuits, mini M&M's and peppermint crisps

Simply add toppings into whipped condense milk/cream, I also layered M&M's on the base of the bowl

Place in freezer over night......

Fold ingredients into whatever cake/tin/bowl mould you wish (ensure you layer it with glad wrap)

Pretty quick, simple and no baking required. There is so much to prep for Zali's first birthday on Saturday so I "officially" took the short cut! Remember if there is a way.....I take it!!!

Here is Noah's choc ripple, M&M and peppermint crisp ice-cream cake (peppermint is Noah's favourite!).

Iphone camera doesn't do it justice, it was so colourful and visually not to mention tastefully appealing ;-)

The last piece.......

Pretty cool huh?

Okay no workout today, although I've been running around like a head less chook so that's kinda making up for my 15mins of typical resistance or interval training.....


Banana porridge protein smoothie

Morning snack

Apple and walnuts



Spagetti bolognese




as she brought over lunch while we/she tackled the portal design made out of the fondant icing

Afternoon snack

fruit platter & wraps @ the party!


Thai avocado rice wraps with chilli & peanut soy sauce

Please note these are veggie based, feel free to add any meat and experiment with whatever ingredients!


Shredded carrots

Bean sprouts

Sliced avocado

Vermicelli rice

Ribbon cucumbers


spring onion

Dipping sauce

Soy sauce

Rice wine vinegar

Sweet and chilli sauce




*peanut butter (no sugar)

lemon/lime juice

NB: the peanut butter was the only extra ingredient I added to make another dipping sauce


Read package instructions on how to prep rice wraps, then see below diagram (which is also found on the packaging) on how to fold these beautiful, fresh tasting delights!!!

Sorry this is such a short and quick post, all is well here as you can see it's


at our place this week. I LOVE IT!!!! Can't wait to share with you Zali's birthday!!! WHooooooooSHHH!!!!!

Have a great day/night and remember to always find a reason to smile :-) Mwah!!! XxDani