Here we go again. Another month, another brand new challenge. What are your thoughts on this one??? STAND UP ANDBE RAWESOME

FitnessIt's all about legs this month as we tone them with various lunge, step ups, side lunges, DB split squat etc....for those that go to the gym you can use the gym equipment there and challenge your routine this month. Try to base it like our push ups routine and allow a day of rest every second day.For everyone else, here are some other ideas;Skinny Ms killer leg workout

Rear lunges with or without dumb bells

Dumb bell home leg exercisesBulgarian split squat

For my male readers wanting more challenges give these workouts a go!

Muscular and Strength 3 week cycle workout

I'll be focusing on cycling over the next few months so I will be incorporating some bike interval training.

NB: all these hyperlinks have their own workout regime so simply choose which one suits you.As some of you are aware, I follow the Fit Yummy Mummy fat loss system. I will be incorporating my leg workout as part of my interval training. I only workout 15 minutes per day and find it's the best workout for me, especially being able to workout in the comfort of my own home.For those interested in following me, you have an exclusive 50% discount offer via my blog link. You get an ebook that is jam packed with various exercises, meal planning ideas and much! much! more! What's even better, it is only $19. It also includes a free 30 day trial at Clubfym as you get ongoing support there for a monthly membership fee. I have been following this program for the past 6 years and can't recommend it highly enough. Please let me know how you go.  Combine this FYM workout with Sarah Wilson's IQS cookbook and you are set to go! Superb recipes to keep you on track and curb those old sugary habits. (especially after the Easter Bunny made a special appearance this weekend) It has changed my life and that is why I would like to share what has worked for me.

Fit Yummy Mummy Dani Stevens Mother of 4

FoodYou may recall my interview a few weeks ago with Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram co founder of Fully Raw and found it so intriguing that someone could just eat plant based foods, raw! No meat, no eggs, no milk. So while we have been doing our #pushupsgreens challenge this month and increasing our greens, it just made sense to continue this next challenge journey and try it myself and GO RAW FOR 30 DAYS!!!You in? 1st-30th April 2013I just grabbed myself a copy of The Raw Food Diet Plan from the lovely Laura Jane from The Rawtarian so go check that out as it is jam packed with a starter kit, shopping list, meal planner, recipes and MUCH MUCH MORE!!!! Preparation is the key and this girl has it nailed everywhere!There are a couple of reasons why I want to do this. Firstly, Oscar my second (5yo) son is dependant on OsmoLax which assists in the treatment of constipation. Kristina has been able to coach people through migraines, cardiovascular disease, obesity, constipation, diabetes, arthritis, depression and cancer. The list goes on. So really there are three reasons why I want to do this. Secondly, my mother suffers from chronic arthritis and travels to Serbia every European summer to get some heat into her bones. Then of course there is the dreaded C word!!! I have had many family members die from cancer, my father thankfully survived prostate but my poor Grandfather endured the most painful death in Serbia and died at home as his prostate cancer spread to his bones and lungs. I am encouraging my mother to do this with me and continue to do so when she goes to Serbia for 6 months this year. My mother is constantly living under the fear of cancer as she has ongoing tumours that need to be tested frequently. The burden of this worry is overwhelming and I truly hope we can make a difference with the food we eat. We can only try?

But it's Autumn? I don't want to eat cold foodI know, I know, some of you are based in the autumn month and it's going to get cold for us. Who wants to eat cold food, right? I was initially going to run this challenge in our summer around Oct/Nov but then that wouldn't be fair to my other readers? So for those of you enjoying the sunny Spring season, you have no excuse but to do this with me! Right? Regardless, I didn't want to make it easy for me (as I always like to take the short cuts) I just decided I wanted to do this now, regardless if it's going to be in the colder months. So I am going to do this. WE ARE GOING TO DO THIS! Am I fully raw prepared? No. Do I think I can do it. Yes. Maybe I'll fail but I hope to be at least 80% raw. All I know is that I will try my hardest. I am constantly researching and will share all the things I come across. Likewise those of you that are already on this raw journey, please assist us as we embark on this new lifestyle. Everyone is different, some of you will be hardcore like me, others want to try it as much as they can and for everyone else...I just really want you to at least try one dish that is raw daily.30 days fully raw challengeLevel 1 100% we go exclusively raw Level 2 If you can't live without certain foods example: yogurt, eggs, fish etc...you can allow this and ensure the rest of your food is fully rawLevel 3 Have at least 1 serve of raw food daily eg: apple, raw almonds, salad Kristina is a fabulous resource and has everything covered at her Fully Raw website and will be our support coach over the next 30 days.She believes to be FullyRaw is to live a lifestyle that includes eating a diet composed of 100% organic fruits & vegetables, nuts, and seeds in their natural and uncooked states.

To feel Raw is to feel 100% confident, happy, and pure in your skin. Many who are trying to live healthfully on a raw foods diet often struggle because they have no guidance, knowledge, or support. Many fall off the wagon of health and wonder why they cannot stabilize their eating habits or find balance in food choices. Everyone comes from a different place in his or her life, and we all need hand holding and personalized attention to bring us to our next elevation.

To live as FullyRaw is to be dedicated to respecting and honoring your body as a temple where only 100% of the purest food enters within it.

Imagine the day where you find complete confidence in your body, your choices, and in your life. Envision health, clarity, health, freedom, and self-love. When we are invigorated and inspired, we are living Rawfully happy. When we are FullyRaw, we change the world. If you have any questions check them HEREfirst. I know this will be a new way of living for most of us. I too will be learning each day and will rely on others to help me answer your questions, if I haven't already researched it. What does it mean to be fully raw?

Here are some sensational FAQ's on Fully Rawand our 80/10/10;

80% comes from Carbohydrates = FRUIT

10% comes from fat = NUTS AND SEEDS

10% comes from protein = GREENS AND VEGGIES AND FRUIT

2 lbs of leafy greens has more protein than steak!

Steak = 25 g of protein, 40% is absorbed b/c it's animal based

2 lbs of leafy greens, 60-70g of protein!!!! 99.9% absorbed into your bloodsteam = plant based!

2000 calorie diet, 80/10/10 = 1600 calories from fruit, 200 calories from fat, 200 calories from protein (greens)

16 bananas (100 calories per banana), 2 heads of greens, very small handful of nuts or seeds

So what can we expect to eat in a day?

Kristina says the number #1 reason people fail eating raw long term = THEY DO NOT CONSUME ENOUGH CALORIES. Check out what she eats in one day below....

Another great resource for us will be


so go there and register for free and get some menu ideas and your daily calorie intake per fitness level etc..... I will also post what I am eating over the next 30 days.

Make sure you subscribe to

Kristina's YouTube channel

as she has some amazing dishes, so we won't miss our "once upon a time" non raw foods. Here's her Alfredo cauliflower cheese pasta! 


I was hoping to set up a group under

Fitness Food And Style Challenges

so we can help one another over there as well. What suits you best? Having discussions on my blog, Facebook or both? 

This HUROM juicer baby will be my best friend over the next 30 days. If you need a new juicer or one like mine, you can go shopping and check some out HERE

Hurom juicer

So who's with me? Let's make this a RAWESOME month!!!XxDani