A Quick Note to My Loving Husband Adrian


I love it when Adrian gets to work from home. Even though he's busily making calls and on hook ups, it's great to be in his company and see his smiling face.

I love you Adrian and truly blessed with the amazing life we have with our 4 beautiful kids. Through tough and awesome times, we seem to have the right combination and I'm glad we can talk and make sure we are okay each and everyday.


What an amazing rock he has been helping around the house especially around dinner as I manage this week without my Dad.

Our snapchat day today in a nutshell...


I'm a little all over the shop this week with Dad not being here with us. His death was preventable so that's the pain I am dealing with. Other than that, life is death, death is life and I know he's in a peaceful place. We just can't hang out in person anymore.

Instead we gaze up in the night sky and talk to the brightest star and shiniest light!

"I love my father as the stars,

he's a bright shining example

and a happy twinkling in my heart."

How do you cope with hardship?


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