25% off any Jawbone product

Yes. You heard right! Today is the last day you can grab your special Team Dani 25% discount code when you pre-order my NEW e-book COMING SOON!  


I can't live without my UP3, so with every 30 Days Fitness & Food  pre-order, my amazing friends over at 247wearables.com.au are giving away 25% off any Jawbone product. Australia residents only.

I love the fact that it reminds me to move my body when I am too enthralled on social media and have deadlines on my laptop, it vibrates me to tell me its time to go for a bike ride or walk with Zali down the beach. It even tracks my sleep, what I eat, how hard I am working out. It's brilliant. Even Adrian has been motivated to move more, and that is fabulous news!

You gotta love it when fitness blends with fashion, here's my Instagram picture of a meeting I was walking to with my jawbone.

Jawbone Instagram Dani Stevens UP3

So remember, I am here to bring you the tools that help me and YOU keep fit and healthy so we can ALL keep on track. After my morning vibration alert on my wrist to go bike riding, it also gave me a moment to just sit here for a minute and just BE.

Dani Stevens GoPro

A mind that is stretched by a new experience, can never go back to it's old dimensions.

Now I am enjoying my morning snack typing this before I head out with all the kids (we have 8 kids playing out front as I type this) so best I head off in that sunshine and play. What's on your plate?

Vanilla chia pudding with berries

Dani Stevens Chia Pudding

Have a sensational day and thank you to everyone who has pre-purchased my ebook, it's COMING SOON and I can't wait to share it with you.


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