10,000 Steps and Healthy Fruit Yoghurt Breakfast

I get such a kick when the kids start giving me their motivational and inspirational quotes to share with you. "You can learn something new everyday if you listen." 

Of course I had to share it on my snapchat story.

Fitness was my 10,000 steps and I love cheating and doing majority of them on Norries Headland. Well...it's not really cheating, it's moving your body.

Remember when I told you aduets call it a workout and kids call it playing. So welcome to my playground.

Food was 80% clean and these quick and easy breakfast and after school snacks are jam packed with protein (natural greek yoghurt) and vitamins, minerals plus antioxidants with all the glorious fruits. Don't forget the superfood chia seeds and cacao nibs!

How about you? How was your day?


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